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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 6

Our Happy Birthday GIF templates can be personalized by name, colors, fonts, & more. 1000s to choose from & great for sharing with someone on their special day.

Each are chosen below to be ideally sized for sending in messaging apps, and for posting gifs to social media. Click a thumbnail below to open up the gif editing page where you can set the birthday greeting, name, colors, and fonts of your birthday gif.

Birthday Party Flowers GIF

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Party Flowers GIF

Cute birthday avatar with floating hearts

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute birthday avatar with floating hearts

Birthday gifts, balloons, and birthday wishes

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday gifts, balloons, and birthday wishes

Happy birthday Chick is Happy

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy birthday Chick is Happy

Colorful Confetti Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Colorful Confetti Birthday Cake
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Flashing birthday greeting and cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Flashing birthday greeting and cake

Sunburst and birthday cake message

Happy Birthday GIF:Sunburst and birthday cake message

Theatre Curtains Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Theatre Curtains Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes behind blinds

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cakes behind blinds

Birthday greeting cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday greeting cake
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You're Old Birthday Cake Smash

Happy Birthday GIF:You're Old Birthday Cake Smash

Colorful animated letters

Happy Birthday GIF:Colorful animated letters

Smiley Faces and Cupcakes

Happy Birthday GIF:Smiley Faces and Cupcakes

Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles
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UFO brings birthday cake

Happy Birthday GIF:UFO brings birthday cake

Birthday in Pink

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday in Pink

Cupcakes for Birthday

Happy Birthday GIF:Cupcakes for Birthday

Bouncing Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Bouncing Birthday Candles

Meteor Shower birthday greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Meteor Shower birthday greeting
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