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Happy Birthday Gif-for-him GIFs

Looking for the perfect happy birthday gif for him? Our library of templates has got you covered! We've handpicked a selection of animated birthday gifs that are sure to make that special guy feel loved and appreciated. Each template can be customized with him name, as well as text, colors, and fonts to create a unique and personalized message. And because we know that sending birthday wishes via text is becoming more and more popular, all of our templates are ideally sized for sending as text messages. Whether you're celebrating with family and friends or sending a birthday greeting from afar, our happy birthday gif templates will help you make his day unforgettable. Also, you can check out our full list of Happy Birthday GIFs here.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Birthday Cake Heart Confetti

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake Heart Confetti

Happy Birthday Glitter Celebration

A beautiful happy birthday gif on a dark glitter background with bubbles and animation. It reads Happy Birtday. Customize it!

Cute puppies vintage birthday card

Vintage animated birthday card gif with name, flickering candles, birthday cake, and 2 dogs sitting at the table.

Have a cold one on your birthday

Animated birthday beer gif with a sparkling frosty mug of brew and three lines of text to customize.

Birthday Wine Tropical View

Birthday animated gif of 2 glasses of wine overlooking a tropical dusk as a birthday greeting appears.

Sparklers on a dark birthday cake

Animated birthday cake gif with sparklers on a dark background. Personalize up to 3 lines of text.

Teddy bear with sparklers

A cute birthday teddy bear animated birthday gif with the bear holding sparklers and text to customize.

Birthday cake gif 383

Bursting stars fall past a birthday cake in this animated birthday gif with name you can customize. Dark background.

Confetti horn birthday fire surprise

A funny animated happy birthday gif where a horn blows confetti and cake candles ignite some of the confetti that falls.

Cute puppy with birthday hat

Cute dog golden retriever happy birthday gif. A hat falls onto his head and he wink at you. Customize the birthday wish.

Birthday celebration chicks

Cute animated happy birthday gif with 3 baby chicks very excited for someones birthday. Customize name.

Animated Birthday GIF 368

Happy birthday gif with banner and name to customize, red, balloons, sparkles, and party hats.

Dragon under banners

Dragon birthday gif with a happy birthday banner and name you can customize as the cartoon dragon lights the birthday candles

Slam down a birthday beer

Cartoon beer mug birthday gif. Customizable text and beer mug hits the table and foam spills out.

Birthday cream cake with balloons and confetti

Cartoon style animated birthday cake gif with flickering candles, balloons, and stars. Customize the name banner.

Animated birthday greeting 357

Birthday celebration animated gif with a silvery gold design, falling star confetti, and a name you can customize.

Animated Birthday GIF 331

Animated happy birthday text make this gif a delight with sparkles and stars and text to customize.

Heart fireworks and raspberry cupcake

Raspberry cupcake happy birthday gif with animated hearts and text you can customize.

Birthday drink and confetti

Fancy birthday gif of a bar with a flickering candle, falling confetti, and peronalized text.

A big birthday greeting from happy balloons

Cute birthday balloons hightlight this animated birthday gif with big color changing birthday letters you can customize.