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Silly Happy Birthday GIFs to Customize

Looking for the perfect silly gif to send your birthday wishes? Look no further than our library of templates! We've curated a selection of animated birthday gifs that are specially designed to be a little bit silly and cute. Each template can be personalized with name, along with custom text, colors, and fonts to create a one-of-a-kind birthday message. You can also check out our full list of Happy Birthday GIFs here.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Dog is Birthday Ready

Animated birthday gif with a dog at a fancy birthday table loaded with cakes as hearts appear. It reads Happy Birthday Customize.

Cute Bouncing Birthday Lamb

A cute lamb gif with a bouncing lamb with sparklers with text flashing Happy Birthday Name that can be customized.

Mongoose Party Time with Champagne and Fireworks

Happy Birthday GIF depicting a mongoose party with animated fireworks, sparkles and champagne. Reads Happy Birthday Name. Customize it.

Pinata stamping birthday greeting

Happy Birthday Name as stamped out by a cute pinata. Customize the name in the animated happy birthday gif

Happy Clown Colorful Birthday

A silly birthday gif with black and white text you can customize with a clown running passed and colorizing it.

A Happy Face Brings the Cake

A silly animated Happy Birthday GIF with a smiling emoji rolling into scene and leaving behind a birthday cake.

Laser chipmunk birthday cake party starter

A silly animated birthday gif, a chipmunk lights bady cake sparkler with laser beam eyes and starts a bright glitter party.

Dog. Cake. Colors. Birthday. What more you need?

Silly happy birthday gif with a cute dog in a corner and rainbow animation confetti. Birthday cake in order with candle.

Cake shop birthday puppy

Cute puppy animated birthday gif with dog watching the cake shop, then cake arrives and tail goes crazy! Customize it!

Cute Birthday Animals Cheering

Four cute cartoon animal friends excited to be on this happy birthday gif that's ready to customize.

Birthday Greeting with Strawberry Friends

Very cute stick figures waving and saying happy birthday with hearts and strawberries in this animated birthday gif.

Happy Birthday Cake GIF 414

A fun birthday card with a party room, balloons, birthday cake and many smiling faces. Customize it.

Cute puppies vintage birthday card

Vintage animated birthday card gif with name, flickering candles, birthday cake, and 2 dogs sitting at the table.

Swinging cat and funnel cakes

A silly Dali inspired birthday gif greeting with a swinging cat, onlooking dog, birthday cakes, name to cusotmize.

Cute puppy with birthday hat

Cute dog golden retriever happy birthday gif. A hat falls onto his head and he wink at you. Customize the birthday wish.

Happy Birthday falls from sky

What a cute birthday gif! an emoji happy face falls down with a balloon, reveals a birthday cake, and rolls away.

Cute Dude Running With Balloons

Cute little guy running with balloons to celebrate in this animated happy birthday customizable gif.

Purple is the unicorns favorite birthday color

Look a this unicorn birthday gif. He's sliding in with a birthday cake. Animated text you can customize! Purple!

Cupcakes and happy faces spinning

4 emoji happy faces spin as 4 cupcakes appear in this animated happy birthday gif with name you can customize

Cute kitty vintage birthday party

2 cats sit at a table with a birthday cake with animated candles in this birthday gif you can customize with name.