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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 5

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Animated birthday cake gif 494

A colourful birthday cake gif with flickering candles a confetti bursting out, reads Happy Birthday Name

Birthday Cake on Road Background

Happy Birthday GIF with an animated flickering candle on a cake in front of a roadway background at night.

Rapid Birthday Slideshow Greeting

Animated birthday gif with a slide show of cakes in front of a party room. Text read Happy Birthday Name and you can customize it.

Music Notes Birthday GIF

Classical birthday gif background with colorful musical notes floating past and a name you can customize, reads Happy Birthday.

Animated Birthday GIF 489

Birthday animated gif with sparklers on text name you can customize. Brightly colored with a close up cake cherries.

Cute Dragon Lighting Birthday Candles

A brightly colored animated birthday gif with a cake and a cute cartoon dragon flies past to light the candles. Customize banner text.

Big Red Birthday GIF

A bright red animated happy birthday gif with a cake and falling confetti reading Happy Birthday Name

Cute Kitty Birthday Candle Surprise

A cute little cat birthday gif with lighting candles with text reading Happy Birthday Name, to customize

Chocolate Cupcake Birthday Greeting

A birthday cupcake gif with a chocolate cupcake and flashing text reading Happy Birthday Name.

Happy Birthday Stingray Greeting

Cute animated birthday greeting gif with a stingray raising from the ocean to wave a fin. Crayon style art. Customize name.

Blue Sparkles Birthday GIF

A glitter birthday gif with a blue glitter background and animated text reading Happy Birthday Name

Pinata stamping birthday greeting

Happy Birthday Name as stamped out by a cute pinata. Customize the name in the animated happy birthday gif

Maritime Birthday Champagne with a View

Animated fireworks gif overlooking the sea with 2 glass of champagne. Text reads Happy Birthday Name. Customize Name.

Birthday GIF 478

Animated birthday GIF depicting in classic painting style, a cherub chasing a girl with a box of hearts with fireworks of hearts.

Animated Birthday GIF with Teddy Bear

A cute teddy bear sits in corner of animated happy birthday gif with customized greeting. Sparklers and animated text.

Birthday Cake Sparklers Celebration

Beautiful birthday cake animated gif, a celebration of balloons, confetti, and sparklers. Customize banner and name.

Party Room Balloon and Stars

Happy Birthday GIF of a birthday party room with an animated blue balloon and stars flow past. Customize 3 lines.

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 472

Animated happy birthday gif with a cake and flickering candles with colorful falling confetti and text reading Happy Birthday

Birthday Slide, Donuts, and Cupcakes

Animated happy birthday cake with a slice of birthday cake, a flickering candle, and text reading Happy Birthday Customize

Anime girl and little cake

An anime girl background happy birthday gif with animated magical sparkles revealing text reading Happy Birthday Customize.