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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 9

Our Happy Birthday GIF templates can be personalized by name, colors, fonts, & more. 1000s to choose from & great for sharing with someone on their special day.

Each are chosen below to be ideally sized for sending in messaging apps, and for posting gifs to social media. Click a thumbnail below to open up the gif editing page where you can set the birthday greeting, name, colors, and fonts of your birthday gif.

Celebration birthday cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Celebration birthday cake

Sunburst gif with birthday message

Happy Birthday GIF:Sunburst gif with birthday message

Cake and birthday greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Cake and birthday greeting

Lightspeed Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Lightspeed Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Meadow

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake Meadow

Pink Beer Birthday GIF and cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Pink Beer Birthday GIF and cake

Happy Birthday Flowers

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy Birthday Flowers

Birthday Champagne under full moon

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Champagne under full moon

Swirl Candy Suckers GIF

Happy Birthday GIF:Swirl Candy Suckers GIF

Birthday Chick in a meadow

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Chick in a meadow

Belated Happy Birthday Gif

Happy Birthday GIF:Belated Happy Birthday Gif

Confetti horn blow birthday

Happy Birthday GIF:Confetti horn blow birthday

Flowers swaying happy birthday on blue background

Happy Birthday GIF:Flowers swaying happy birthday on blue background

Box of Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday GIF:Box of Birthday Wishes

Birthday cake and falling hearts

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cake and falling hearts

Birthday Blue and Flares too

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Blue and Flares too

Birthday Card Birthday Cake Slideshow

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Card Birthday Cake Slideshow

Slice of birthday cake with candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Slice of birthday cake with candles

Surprised Scarlett Johansson meme gif

Happy Birthday GIF:Surprised Scarlett Johansson meme gif

Sunflowers and Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday GIF:Sunflowers and Birthday Balloons