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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 20

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Paper airplane flies into birthday cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Paper airplane flies into birthday cake

Cake top with sparklers

Happy Birthday GIF:Cake top with sparklers

Guitar and Sax Celebration

Happy Birthday GIF:Guitar and Sax Celebration

Dragon Butt Candle Lighter

Hilarious birthday gif of a dragon flying over a cake and lighting the candles with butt flames. Customize banner and name.

Relaxing bathtub birthday

Birthday gif animated with bath bubbles, a lady in the bathtub, and a message to relax its your birthday. Customize the name.

Giraffe says birthday name

Cute animated happy birthday gif of a giraffe looking down to say happy birthday to the name you customize.

Stars flying and cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Stars flying and cake

Happy Balloons and Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy Balloons and Happy Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Birthday Card Slideshow

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake Birthday Card Slideshow

Birthday cream cake with stars

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cream cake with stars

Special delivery of birthday card

Happy Birthday GIF:Special delivery of birthday card

Cute octopus and bubbles birthday cake

A cute octopus greeting card animated gif with a name you can customize. It has balloons, animated bubbles, and a cake.

Birthday Pinatas get their picture taken

Animated birthday gif of a group of pinatas getting their picture taken. Flash. Red eyes. Smiles. Customize it.

Happy Birthday Star Marquee

Happy Birthday GIF with a rotating star and rainbow marquee and 3 lines of colorful text to customize.

Birthday pinata and candy

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday pinata and candy

Unicorn with Birthday Cake

Happy belated birthday gif from a sliding unicorn bring your chocolate cake a bit late. Customize it.

Neon poco grande pina colada glass

Tropical neon birthday gif with palm trees, and pina colada, and neon text to personalize.

Purple party room gif with balloons, gifts, and a birthday pinata

Happy Birthday GIF:Purple party room gif with balloons, gifts, and a birthday pinata

Birthday on polka dots decor

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday on polka dots decor

Birthday gift box on with flashing text

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday gift box on with flashing text