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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 21

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Flashing birthday greeting and cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Flashing birthday greeting and cake

Sunburst and birthday cake message

Happy Birthday GIF:Sunburst and birthday cake message

Theatre Curtains Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Theatre Curtains Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes behind blinds

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cakes behind blinds

Birthday greeting cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday greeting cake

You're Old Birthday Cake Smash

Happy Birthday GIF:You're Old Birthday Cake Smash

Colorful animated letters

Happy Birthday GIF:Colorful animated letters

Smiley Faces and Cupcakes

Happy Birthday GIF:Smiley Faces and Cupcakes

Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles

UFO brings birthday cake

Animated happy birthday gif of a silly alien abducting a cow and leaving a birthday cake. Customize the text.

Birthday in Pink

Animated pink happy birthday gif with a white cake, pink background, and flying hearts. Customize the banner and name.

Cupcakes for Birthday

Pink animated birthday gif with 5 cupcakes and candles and animated text you can customize with name.

Bouncing Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Bouncing Birthday Candles

Meteor Shower birthday greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Meteor Shower birthday greeting

Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars

Theatre Birthday Greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Theatre Birthday Greeting

Nighttime Marquee and moon

Happy Birthday GIF:Nighttime Marquee and moon

Customizable birthday cake slide show

Happy Birthday GIF:Customizable birthday cake slide show

Build a birthday milkshake

Happy Birthday GIF:Build a birthday milkshake