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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 2

Our Happy Birthday GIFs are chosen below to be ideally sized for sending as personalized birthday greetings in messaging apps, and for posting gifs to social media. Click a thumbnail below to open up the gif editing page where you can set the birthday greeting, colors, and fonts of your birthday gif.

Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Four Birthday Cakes flickering candles

UFO brings birthday cake

Happy Birthday GIF:UFO brings birthday cake

Birthday in Pink

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday in Pink

Cupcakes for Birthday

Happy Birthday GIF:Cupcakes for Birthday

Bouncing Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Bouncing Birthday Candles

GIF Bundles

Editable GIFs bundle

Meteor Shower birthday greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Meteor Shower birthday greeting

Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars

Frothy beer mugs toasting a birthday

Happy Birthday GIF:Frothy beer mugs toasting a birthday

Theatre Birthday Greeting

Happy Birthday GIF:Theatre Birthday Greeting

Nighttime Marquee and moon

Happy Birthday GIF:Nighttime Marquee and moon

Customizable birthday cake slide show

Happy Birthday GIF:Customizable birthday cake slide show

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