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Birthday Cake Gifs

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Make GIFs using our birthday gif templates. Each of your birthday cake gifs can be customized like most other gifs you'll find here at Editable GIFs. Many of the gifs have more than one cake image available that you can change by using the image icon. These gifs are sized to be ideal for WhatApp messages as well as for many other social media applications.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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A Happy Face Brings the Cake

A silly animated Happy Birthday GIF with a smiling emoji rolling into scene and leaving behind a birthday cake.

Unicorn Magical Candles

Animated Happy Birthday GIF with a beautiful birthday cake being lit up by two unicorns. There are 3 lines of text to customize.

Birthday Cake and Falling Confetti

A birthday cake with flickering candles gif with text reading Happy Birthday and a Name slot to customize

Vintage Birthday Cake Design

A beautiful vintage birthday cake design with flickering candles atop and three lines of customized happy birthday text.

Pink Text Flowery Cake

A beautiful and elegant birthday cake gif with pink text to customize and animated flowers.

Cute Birthday Mouse and Cake

Super cute birthday gif with name and little mouse in a party hat, a birthday cake with flickering candles. Customize text.

A creamy birthday cake and starburst lettering

Animated birthday gif with a birthday cake and candles, falling confetti and animated text that you can customize wiht name.

Cake, glitter, flickering candles

A dark blue birthday gif with a beautiful cake with flickering candles, background sparkles and a name to customize.

Paper art style cake and banners

A beautiful little birthday gif styled after paper cutout art with a birthday cake and falling confetti. It's customizable.

Laser chipmunk birthday cake party starter

A silly animated birthday gif, a chipmunk lights bady cake sparkler with laser beam eyes and starts a bright glitter party.

Dog. Cake. Colors. Birthday. What more you need?

Silly happy birthday gif with a cute dog in a corner and rainbow animation confetti. Birthday cake in order with candle.

Animated Happy Birthay GIF

Happy birthday cake animated gif with flickering candles, balloons, confetti, and text to customize.

Happy Birthday Cake Animated GIF 423

Festive birthday cake GIF with name, stars, hearts, and confetti streaking past and flickering candles.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake and Candles

A Chocolate cake gif for a happy birthday with flickering candles, confetti, and a customize name.

Happy Birthday Cake GIF 414

A fun birthday card with a party room, balloons, birthday cake and many smiling faces. Customize it.

Happy Birthday Cake GIF 413

Happy birthday animated gif of a brightly lit birthday cake, birthday candles, and falling confetti. Customize name.

Birthday Cake GIF with Confetti and Banner

Blue birthday gif with animated confetti, a cake, balloons, and a banner and name you can customize.

Balloon Friends in Party room

A birthday animated gif with a party room in the background and cute balloons, cake, and name to customize.

Cute Squirrel with Birthday Cake

A cute squirrel happy birthday animated gif with a sparkle in its eye and a chocolate cake in a tree.

Birthday cake maroon paisley background and sparkles

Strawberry birthday cake gif animated with sparklers over a paisley background with flickering birthday candle.