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Birthday Cake Gifs

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Make GIFs using our birthday gif templates. Each of your birthday cake gifs can be customized like most other gifs you'll find here at Editable GIFs. Many of the gifs have more than one cake image available that you can change by using the image icon. These gifs are sized to be ideal for WhatApp messages as well as for many other social media applications.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Happy Birthday Glitter gif 531

Animated Happy Birthday Gif reading Happy Birthday Customize. Depicts a colorful birthday with flickering candles and glitter.

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 529

An animated Happy Birthday GIF with a cake and letters you can customize with sparklers on top of them.

Hearts and a Flower Bouquet Birthday

A big beautiful birthday cake gif with falling confetti, sparklers, and balloons, reads Happy Birthday Name. Customize it.

Birthday Cake and Falling Confetti

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake and Falling Confetti

Happy Birthday Cake 522

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy Birthday Cake 522

Swirling glitter and sparkles birthday cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Swirling glitter and sparkles birthday cake

Happy Birthday Cake 520

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy Birthday Cake 520

Sparklers Galore Cake and Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Sparklers Galore Cake and Candles

Birthday Cake GIF 515

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake GIF 515

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 509

Happy Birthday GIF:Animated Happy Birthday GIF 509

Flower Rose Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Flower Rose Cake

Cute Balloons Blue Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute Balloons Blue Birthday Cake

Cupcake and Sparkles on Blue

An animated happy birthday gif depicting a flowered birthday cake with falling flowers.

Animated birthday cake gif 494

A colourful birthday cake gif with flickering candles a confetti bursting out, reads Happy Birthday Name

Birthday Cake on Road Background

Happy Birthday GIF with an animated flickering candle on a cake in front of a roadway background at night.

Birthday Cake Sparklers Celebration

Beautiful birthday cake animated gif, a celebration of balloons, confetti, and sparklers. Customize banner and name.

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 472

Animated happy birthday gif with a cake and flickering candles with colorful falling confetti and text reading Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake GIF 464

A colorful animated birthday gif of a cake and falling stars with a flickering candle. Text reads Happy Birthday and Customize.

Happy Birthday Banner and Hearts and Cake

Happy birthday love gif with animated hearts, a birthday cake and candle, and a birthday banner you can customize

Too many candles?

A funny animated happy birthday gif with 100 candles slam onto a cake and it reads Too Many? with a laughing emoji. Customize it.