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Happy Birthday Gifs - page 15

Welcome to our growing collection of free animated happy birthday gifs.

You can find the best Happy Birthday GIF with name as a template that can also be personalized by colors, fonts, & more. 1000s to choose from & great for sharing with someone on their special day.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Pink birthday cake gif

Happy birthday animation with falling hearts over a white candy birthday cake and animated letters to personalize.

Frothy beer mugs toasting a birthday

Animated Happy Birthday GIF of 2 mugs of beer raised in celebration in front of an explosion of colorful flares.

Purple sparkles birthday gif

Happy Birthday GIF of purple glitter, colorful sparkles, and 3 lines of text to customize.

Orange birthday glitter and sparkles

Happy Birthday Animated GIF of orange red glitter, sparkles, golden text, and the name to customize.

Rose and Hearts Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday Animated GIF of a large rose, popping hearts, golden text, and a name you can customize.

A neon drive through palm trees

Animated happy birthday gif of a neon drive through neon palm trees and dice swinging in the wind.

Blue flower and birthday cake

Animated birthday gif of a blue flower next to a cake, colorful fireworks, flickering candle, and name to customize

Happy birthday shark gif

Happy birthday sharkt gif where he pops from the water and waves hello under a crayon sky. Customize 3 lines of text

Animated belated birthday card 6

Elegant lemon cake happy belated birthday gif with animated fireworks, and 3 lines of text to customize.

Pinata stamping birthday greeting

A happy pinata animated birthday gif with animated text that you can customize.

Birthday cupcake with animated text

A cupcake birthday gif. Choose a cupcake from the images and customize the flashing neon name.

Party room and party favors

A birthday party room animated gif with gifts, hats, a cake and a pinata. Personalize the banner text and name.

Cute puppy for a belated birthday

Belated Birthday gif animated with a birthday hat falling on to a dogs head and he winks at you. Customize it.

Jungle sloths happy birthday

Cute, funny, and silly, this Happy birthday animated gif shows 3 sloths popping in to deliver YOUR birthday message.

Green birthday cake, sparkler, and confetti

Happy Birthday GIF:Green birthday cake, sparkler, and confetti

Birthday cake icing with shooting stars

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cake icing with shooting stars

Dino Birthday Cake Topper

Happy birthday cupcakes gif of a cut-out dinosaur running on the frosting. Its weird. Customize the name and text.

Romantic birthday cupcake and hearts included

Cute happy birthday gif with love sharing a cupcake on your special day. Customize the name.

Balloons and yummy cupcakes

Happy birthday animated gif with 5 cupcakes with candles, balloons, and banner text and name you can customize.

Red sunburst with stars and sparkles

Happy Birthday GIF:Red sunburst with stars and sparkles