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Happy Birthday GIF with a Name and Photo upload

Looking for a way to make your loved one's birthday even more special? Look no further than our collection of happy birthday GIFs with name and photo customization options! With just a few clicks, you can personalize your chosen GIF with the recipient's name and even upload a photo (using the image icon) to be featured in the animation. Plus, each GIF is perfectly sized for sending via text message, making it easy to share your birthday wishes no matter where you are. Make their day even more special with a personalized happy birthday GIF! You can also check out our full list of Happy Birthday GIFs here.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Birthday Picture upload with frame text

Upload your own picture for this animated text birthday gif that you can customize.

A toast for a happy birthday

Birthday gif animation of a mug of beer and champagne glass toasting eachother with an animated name to customize.

Scarlett Johansson birthday surprise

Scarlett Johansson is excited for someones birthday. Customize the message and name in this animated gif.

Champagne birthday gif with fireworks

Birthday gif animations overlooking the sea with 2 glass of champagne, fireworks, and text to customize

White birthday cake with stars

Happy Birthday GIF:White birthday cake with stars

Birthday Bugle Newspaper Headline

Birthday gif animation as a newspaper with birthday headline that you customize. Includes age.

Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday message in a golden picture frame with stars