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Happy Birthday Gif-cute GIFs (page 3)

Looking for a way to add a little cuteness to your Happy Birthday messages? Look no further than our library of cute happy birthday gif templates! With each template, you can create an animated birthday gif that's perfect and cute for the special someone's day. Best of all, each template is customizable with a name, allowing you to add a personal touch to your greeting. Choose from a variety of text, colors, and fonts to make your birthday greeting truly your own. And with an ideal size for sending as a text message, these cute gifs are the perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday. Try out our cute happy birthday gif templates today and start spreading some joy!You can also check out our full list of Happy Birthday GIFs here.

Birthday GIF Libraries by Tag

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Pond chick with a birthday cake

Birthday gif animated with a cute baby chick carrying a cake and a rainbow appears. Park and lake background.

Vintage Cat Birthday Party

2 cats sit at a table with a birthday cake with animated candles in this birthday gif you can customize with name.

Pinata in a Park

Pinata birthday gif with animated candy and a birthday banner and name to customize.

Rainbow cake with happy balloons

Animated happy birthday gif with name on a red background, rainbow cake, and cute floating balloons.

Birthday Bunny Investigates Balloons

Birthday gif animated with a cute bunny rabbit curious about some birthday balloon that float up revealing birthday wish.

Cute dragon lighting birthday candles

Birthday gif animated with a dragon flying over birthday letter candles and lighting them. Customize the name banner.

Singing penguin on a birthday cake

A cute penguin happy birthday gif sits on a birthday cake singing with animated notes and text to customize.

Birthday Text and Happy Face Cakes

Birthday gif animated with a cute happy emoji wearing a party hat and birthday cakes appear and disappearing

Cute unicorn hearts and flowers

Happy birthday unicorn gif. Its horn shoots stars, animated background flowers and hearts. Customize text.

A big birthday greeting from happy balloons

Cute birthday balloons hightlight this animated birthday gif with big color changing birthday letters you can customize.

Rolling Birthday Greeting and Cake

Cute birthday gif animation with a smiling emoji rolling through and leaving behind a chocolate birthday cake.

Blue banner of hearts, and star confetti

Hearts and stars animated birthday gif with a birthday and birthday banner text you can customize with name.

Shooting Star birthday gif over a nighttime cityscape

Happy birthday animated gif of a cute shooting star over a skyline dropping the birthday name that you can customize

Balloons birthday cake and rainbow

Look at these cute balloons! Floating above a birthday cake. Animated happy faces too. Happy Birthday GIF. Customize.

Colorful happy faces and hats

Animated Emoji Happy Birthday GIF, 3 emojis wearing birthday hats, animated with text you can customize with name.

Happy birthday shark gif

Happy birthday sharkt gif where he pops from the water and waves hello under a crayon sky. Customize 3 lines of text

Pinata stamping birthday greeting

A happy pinata animated birthday gif with animated text that you can customize.

Party room and party favors

A birthday party room animated gif with gifts, hats, a cake and a pinata. Personalize the banner text and name.

Jungle sloths happy birthday

Cute, funny, and silly, this Happy birthday animated gif shows 3 sloths popping in to deliver YOUR birthday message.

Dino Birthday Cake Topper

Happy birthday cupcakes gif of a cut-out dinosaur running on the frosting. Its weird. Customize the name and text.