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Pretty Please

Happy Birthday GIF:Pretty Please

Crayon Birthday Cake Color Cascade

Happy Birthday GIF:Crayon Birthday Cake Color Cascade

Anime Magic Shop Birthday

Anime colorful magic shop with two clerks doing a bit of magic for a birthday greeting you can personalize.

Sparklers Galore Cake and Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Sparklers Galore Cake and Candles

Birthday Cake GIF 515

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Cake GIF 515

A Cute Sun GIF

GIF: A Cute Sun GIF

Birthday balloon on floral design

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday balloon on floral design

Cute Birthday Card Raccoon with Sparklers

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute Birthday Card Raccoon with Sparklers

Strawberry Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Strawberry Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Flowers and Candles

Happy Birthday GIF:Happy Birthday Flowers and Candles

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 509

Happy Birthday GIF:Animated Happy Birthday GIF 509

Cat with Sparklers

Happy Birthday GIF:Cat with Sparklers

Flower Rose Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Flower Rose Cake

Cute Balloons Blue Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute Balloons Blue Birthday Cake

Birthday Wine Beach View

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday Wine Beach View

Cute and Ready to Party

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute and Ready to Party

Loading GIF 8

GIF: Loading GIF 8

Sparklers on a Cupcake

A delicious cupcake gif with animated sparkles reading Happy Birthday with a name to customize

Glitter and Color Birthday GIF

An animated glitter gif for a colorful happy birthday with falling stars and 3 lines of text to brightly color

Cupcake and Sparkles on Blue

An animated happy birthday gif depicting a flowered birthday cake with falling flowers.