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Animated Birthday GIF with Teddy Bear

A cute teddy bear sits in corner of animated happy birthday gif with customized greeting. Sparklers and animated text.

Birthday Cake Sparklers Celebration

Beautiful birthday cake animated gif, a celebration of balloons, confetti, and sparklers. Customize banner and name.

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Party Room Balloon and Stars

Happy Birthday GIF of a birthday party room with an animated blue balloon and stars flow past. Customize 3 lines.

Animated Happy Birthday GIF 472

Animated happy birthday gif with a cake and flickering candles with colorful falling confetti and text reading Happy Birthday

Birthday Slide, Donuts, and Cupcakes

Animated happy birthday cake with a slice of birthday cake, a flickering candle, and text reading Happy Birthday Customize

Birthday Card Bunny with Balloons

A cute little bunny gif with balloons rising up as it hold a gift box. Text reads Happy Birthday Name. Customize it.

Anime girl and little cake

An anime girl background happy birthday gif with animated magical sparkles revealing text reading Happy Birthday Customize.

Happy Clown Colorful Birthday

A silly birthday gif with black and white text you can customize with a clown running passed and colorizing it.

3 Turning Cogs

GIF: 3 Turning Cogs

Bouquet of Roses with Glitter

A beautiful birthday gif with a bouquet of flowers and animated hearts on a black and glitter background.

Birthday Cake GIF 464

A colorful animated birthday gif of a cake and falling stars with a flickering candle. Text reads Happy Birthday and Customize.

Happy Birthday GIF 463

A bright blue birthday gif with star fireworks and a name you can customize.

Bright beautiful birthday cake gif

A beautiful colorful animated happy birthday gif with the birthday greeting to customize.

A champagne toast to birthday

A beautiful birthday cake gif with 2 champagne glasses making a toast where a sparkle shines and candle flame flickers.

Birthday Glitter and Sparkles

Glitter Happy Birthday GIF with animated sparkles. It reads Happy Birthday Name because it can be customized.

Happy Birthday Banner and Hearts and Cake

Happy birthday love gif with animated hearts, a birthday cake and candle, and a birthday banner you can customize

Too many candles?

Happy Birthday GIF:Too many candles?

Too many candles?

A funny animated happy birthday gif with 100 candles slam onto a cake and it reads Too Many? with a laughing emoji. Customize it.

A Happy Face Brings the Cake

A silly animated Happy Birthday GIF with a smiling emoji rolling into scene and leaving behind a birthday cake.