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Flower GIF, flower-2

Flowers in a row with message

Animated flower gif with a row of flowers and text spins in. Customize the text, colors, and fonts. Use the image icon to change the flowers.



Video Upload

If you are creating a template, you video will not be saved with it. You can upload it only as an example as you work.

If you are going to generate or download a gif or video, then the video you upload will be part of it.

Upload a video to play in the background of your GIF.
We recommend videos/gifs to not be longer than 10 seconds.

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Your animation will be:

  • uploaded and processed
  • given a unique web address
  • available to download or share for a limited time

After sharing you will be automatically taken to your new gif page.


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Your animation will be:

  • uploaded for processing
  • made ready for App upload (mp4)
  • you will be taken to the video page
  • video will only be available for a limited time

Save the video to your device for posting to your preferred app.

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Getting started making GIFs

Start with a template from the list on the left.

Customize the GIF template to your heart's content.

As you work, keep an eye on the top menu for prompts.

Download the video of your animation, or generate a gif to download.

Wait for your animation to complete before continuing.
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