How To Make a GIF

Want to just start making animated gifs without all the reading?

Open our GIF library

Our GIFs are editable from templates we create for you.
Visit our gif library to get started finding a GIF template that you like.
Also, you can use our menu for categories and tags to aid your search.
When you find a gif you like, click the thumbnail to edit or download.

If you'd like to create your own GIF templates, and possibly have them appear in our library, click here to learn more about Creator Accounts.

Two ways to Make GIFs

Customized GIF settings

Most gifs will include a number of settings that you can easily adjust to customize a gif. This image shows settings that are available for a birthday gif.

Customize GIF settings example

You can customize the birthday wish, colors, and even how the fireworks display.

For image options, use the change gif images icon to changes images used in the gif.

GIF Canvas Language

All source code used to create gifs can be edited. The source code for this birthday gif can be found here .

Edit GIF using Canvas Language source code

Edit pages have a title bar that can be opened to enable you to edit the code for fine, detailed control of the animated gif.

To learn more about this source code, visit the Canvas Language website or see the reference guide we include.

We know you want to get started making your own gifs. Have fun!

Open our GIF library