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Our library of animated gifs are created from our gif templates. You can easily personalize text, colors, fonts, and images as applicable. Since our animations are created using Canvas Language you have even more ability to customize using the edit links.

Birthday Glitter Celebration Sparkles

Celebrate with this animated happy birthday gif with glitter, sparklers, and a name to customize.

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Cute Cartoon Bear and Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Cute Cartoon Bear and Birthday Cake

Birthday Fireworks and a Cat

An animated gif at night showing the backside of a sitting cat who watches sparkle and fireworks over a meadow. Customize name and happy birthday.

Elegant Flower and Cupcake Birthday Card

Happy Birthday GIF:Elegant Flower and Cupcake Birthday Card

Customize your Beating Heart

GIF: Customize your Beating Heart

Cute Summer Beach Sunshine

GIF: Cute Summer Beach Sunshine

Spotlights Birthday Cake

Animated Happy Birthday GIF with a cake and flickering candle with spotlights over the scene, Happy Birthday banner with name to customize

Colorful Happy Birthday Cake

A colorful animated Happy Birthday Cake GIF with swirling sparkles and flickering candles. It reads Happy Birthday Name

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Happy Birthday Cupcake gif 570

A colorful cupcake gif reading Happy Birthday with sparkles rising from the cupcake on a bright red glittery background.

Magical Ocean Land Good Morning

GIF: Magical Ocean Land Good Morning

Happy Birthday Cake gif 569

Animated birthday gif with a beautiful colorful birthday can and sparkles in the air. It reads Happy Birthday Customize.

Floral Birthday Card

Animated Birthday GIF as a colorful birthday card reading Happy Birthday Name and flower petals floating past.

Very Red Birthday Party

Animated happy birthday gif on a bright red glittery background and 3 lines of text reading Happy Birthday Customize

Anime Girl with Cake Sword

Anime girl holding a birthday cake and an animated sword falls into it. Text reads Happy Birthday Customize

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Dog is Birthday Ready

Animated birthday gif with a dog at a fancy birthday table loaded with cakes as hearts appear. It reads Happy Birthday Customize.

Cake and sparkle GIF 564

Happy Birthday GIF:Cake and sparkle GIF 564

Anime Friends at the Birthday Table

An anime Happy Birthday GIF with 3 friends sharing cake with flicking candles and animations. Reads Happy Birthday Customize.