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Rejection comes in all forms, and some forms of rejection you can send as a gif. Take the edge off negativity, make it fun to decline, mock you enemies, delight your friends, eat healthy and exercise.
No GIFs listed below can be downloaded with a click or tap.

No GIF 10 with emoji and flares
Emoji No with Fireworks
No GIF 8 with a cute chick
Chick says no
No GIF 9 with bouncing lamb
Lamp happy to say No
No GIF 2
8-Ball says No
No GIF 3
No GIF with dancers on transparent background
No GIF 4
NO GIF with rainbow letters
No GIF 5
This cute chicks says no. But this cute chick says yes
No GIF 6
Thumbs Down No GIF
No GIF 7
Just assume sheeps always say no