Flowers for you

Animated flower gif with a bouquet of flowers glittering on an open meadow background. Text reads 'Flowers for you'
Flowers for you Bouquet

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Animated gif of flowers and a candle in darkness near a window. It reads 'Flowers for you' and sparkles fly past.
Candle and Flowers GIF
Animated gif of a flower bouquet in someone's hand reading 'Flowers for you' and retro styled stars turn on black background
Retro stars and rose bouquet
Animated 'flowers for you gif' with a bouquet of colorful roses & confetti made of hearts & stars falling through scene.
Confetti and Rose Bouquet
'Flowers for you' animated gif with a drawn flower page but a bee comes to visit and flies away disappointed
Paper rose drawing & visiting bee
A pot of daisys and a 'thank you' note with animated hearts making this gif a delightful share
Daisy and Hearts
'Flowers for you, with all my love' animated gif with a big bouquet with sparkles
Bouquet and sparkles
A thank you flower bouquet with text reading 'You deserve flowers, Thank you'
You deserve flowers
A bouquet, a glass of white wine, and a visitor singing bird make this beautiful gif a wonderful thing to share.
Wine, flowers, and music