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Birthday Greetings GIFs

Our Birthday Greetings GIFs are chosen below to be ideally sized for sending as personalized birthday greetings in messaging apps, and for posting gifs to social media. Click a thumbnail below to open up the gif editing page where you can set the birthday greeting, colors, and fonts of your birthday gif.

Birthday Glitter Celebration Sparkles

Celebrate with this animated happy birthday gif with glitter, sparklers, and a name to customize.

Animated Birthday GIF 331

Animated happy birthday text make this gif a delight with sparkles and stars and text to customize.

Birthday Animated GIF 329

Cartoon style cityscape, birthday cake, and motion effect with flying stars. Customize animated birthday gif.

Silvery Birthday Letters and Golden Stars

Happy birthday animated gif with fancy gold and silver text and star popping in and out. Customize name.

Starry red sparkles and more sparkles

Red glitter birthday gif animated with text, sparkles, and a shooting star. Customize the name.

Shooting Star birthday gif over a nighttime cityscape

Happy birthday animated gif of a cute shooting star over a skyline dropping the birthday name that you can customize

Birthday Rainbow Glitter Celebration Bubbles

Glitter and sparkles birthday gif with animated rainbow Happy Birthday text and a customizable name.

Raspberry birthday cupcake with star explosions

Happy birthday gif showing a raspberry cupcake, fireworks of stars, and 3 lines of animated text to customize.

Birthday Cake and Star fireworks

Birthday gif animation with a beautiful cake and star fireworks with animated text you can personalize.

Purple sparkles birthday gif

Happy Birthday GIF of purple glitter, colorful sparkles, and 3 lines of text to customize.

Green birthday cake, sparkler, and confetti

Happy Birthday GIF:Green birthday cake, sparkler, and confetti

Singing birds and tree

Beautiful flower birthday gif of a cute bird visiting a birthday message with animated musical notes and a name you customize.

Birthday cake fireworks sparkling text

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday cake fireworks sparkling text

Romantic Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday GIF:Romantic Birthday Dinner

Color and neon and sparks and name

Flashing neon happy birthday gif with a name you can customize. The Happy Birthday is colourful.

Happy Birthday Star Marquee

Happy Birthday GIF with a rotating star and rainbow marquee and 3 lines of colorful text to customize.

Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday GIF:Golden Confetti Birthday Cake

Tropical Birthday with palm trees and neon

Happy Birthday GIF:Tropical Birthday with palm trees and neon

Birthday fireworks and falling star

A shooting star birthday gif with rainbow text and fireworks. Customize the greeting and name.

Birthday champagne toast with stars and stuff.

Happy Birthday GIF:Birthday champagne toast with stars and stuff.