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NFT Avatar Animations

Below are examples of how animations can be applied to NFT avatars and collectables. Any kind of animation presented over this entire site can be applied to NFTs using our exclusive Bulk Animation Service. The Bulk Animation Service creates 1000s of uniquely varied animations based on parameters you set.

This is an offline service so we can work closely with you on your creations.

Contact us for further details.

Learn more about the Bulk Animation Service

Avatar 1

GIF: Avatar 1

Avatar Changing Hats

GIF: Avatar Changing Hats

Avatar Opening Doors

GIF: Avatar Opening Doors

Avatar Fireworks

GIF: Avatar Fireworks

Avatar Meteor

GIF: Avatar Meteor

Avatar Twinkling

GIF: Avatar Twinkling

Avatar Heart

GIF: Avatar Heart

Avatar Falling Confetti

GIF: Avatar Falling Confetti

Avatar Meteor Shower

GIF: Avatar Meteor Shower

Avatar Spinning Background

GIF: Avatar Spinning Background