Text Marketing

Custom GIFs for SMS Marketing

GIFs can be used for marketing purpose. This isn't a new idea, but maybe it hasn't been considered for sending mass text messages. SMS is short for Short Message Service. However to send GIFs, you'll actually be using MMS, Multimedia Messaging Service. This is not a distinction that you probably have to worry about, except possibly with service fees from a SMS provider. Please see their pricing structure to be sure.

Sending an interesting GIF as part of your SMS marketing outreach can be effective and memorable. Instead of a simple text message, your recipient could recieve something like this:

sms celebrate gif
Customize colors, text, font.

This includes your unique message as part of the actual gif.

Send Promotional SMS

Editable GIFs has many opportunities for promotional gifs because of the ability to customize any of them. Creating a single gif customized to the individual promotional is a fun way to make your texts stand out. Our library contains of hundreds of GIF in different categories of focus, but because they are all editable, they can all serve for any promotional purpose.

For example you can turn a birthday gif, into a product launch advertisement:

birthday gif 155 birthday gif 155 customized version
Customized Birthday GIF

Text Message Campaign

You can create gifs that are campaign specific but in the style of previous campaigns. Re-using a basic design with different text, colors, or images for each campaign create a visual consistency with your brand.

Each campaign can share an animated look creating a higher impact for your text messages that include images and eye catching animation.

How to Create a Marketing GIF

To start to create your marketing gif, first visit our library and find a gif template you like. Be sure to use the image icon to see which images in the GIF you can change. If you have a graphic artist ask them to consider replacement images. When you click on a gif template in our library, you'll be taken to its /make/ page. On the make change you can do basic customizations, including changing its images.

The text of the GIF is where you can really give your message. You can also change colors and fonts.

If you require greater customizations, click the "Code" icon either in the left side menu or the bottom row (on mobile). This will open the code panel. Here you can actually edit the source code that creates the animation. Scan the code to change targeted values, like font sizes or positioning.

birthday gif 77 customized version birthday gif 77 customized version 2
Customized GIF through editing

Sending Mass Text Messages

Once you've configured your customize gif you need to "run" it to see the animation. When it is perfect, you can generate your gif. This may take a couple minutes, but when it is complete, simply download the gif.

With your GIF ready for your campaign, open your SMS software and add the gif to your campaign, as per the documentation of your SMS software. Be careful, as this may incur an extra cost since GIFs are images and need to be sent as MMS messages (see above).