Popcorn GIF

The mighty popcorn gif. In its many forms, it has long pushed humanity forward towards a more animated existence. Like vast plains of barley, the open sea, or the ice fields of the southern pole, popcorn gifs are a thing too. But what can make your expressions more expressive by expressing the thing? Why customized popcorn gifs of course.

If you're in a hurry, here's a search for popcorn gifs.

popcorn gif popcorn gif popcorn gif popcorn gif popcorn gif
Customized popcorn GIFs

Click each thumbnail to open the gif in a new edit window where you can personalize it. These are thumbnails - the actual gifs will be a bit larger and have smoother animation.

Here is a list of our favorite popcorn gifs that you can personalize. We only have five right now, so they are all our favorites!

Popcorn GIF

Popcorn GIF
Popcorn GIF

This was our first popcorn gif. It really reflects the humble beginnings of this web site. It only allows a single short line of text. You cannot change the color or font. The face is just horrible. But... it is cool as you can tap to make the popcorn pop. This is something used on other popcorn gifs as well.

I encourage you to go try it out. After you're happy with it, download the GIF to your device. It's always best to download to your device, then sending it as a SMS from your device media folder.

Have you wondered what the Wikipedia page says about popcorn?

Popcorn Sticker

Popcorn GIF
Popcorn GIF 2

The secondly created popcorn gif on this site. Like the first, tap the canvas area to make the popcorn pop. When you finish, the gif is done. Push the Generate GIF button wait.

Have you ever noticed, that for real popcorn, the fluffier is also the more spongy, and less crispy. I prefer a happy medium between the cheap and non-fluffy popcorn, and the more expensive brand named fluffy variety.

Popcorn Sticker with Customized Text

Popcorn GIF
Popcorn GIF 3

This iteration of the popcorn gif allows you to add 2 lines of text for which you can customize the color and font as well. And again, don't forget to tap the canvas to make your popcorn pop.

Popcorn Sticker with Customized Text

Popcorn GIF
Popcorn GIF 4

This version adds theatre curtains to the experience plus an extra line of text.

Popcorn Popping Gif

Popcorn Popping GIF
Popcorn GIF 5

This a simple animation of popcorn seeds falling, then popping, then the popped corn falls down the bottom.

There is a selector where you can choose how many kernals to pop.

More Popcorn GIFs to come

These five popcorn gifs were made in the very earliest days of Editable GIFs. They are in serious need of an update to current standards. Over the next week or two I'll be adding 5 more. I hope you check back a few weeks.

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