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Customizing GIF Animations for Newsletters

Are you looking for the perfect GIF to enhance a newsletter? We provide GIF templates that can be customized to fit the content and themes of your newsletter. Editable GIFs has 1000s of customizable GIFs and many are a special fit and perfect addition to email newsletters.

Settings that can be set for a gif may include colors, text, and animation options
Example settings available for GIFs

Some of our GIFs are geared towards customer relations and some have a stronger employee focus. However, because our gifs are customizable, all gifs can be changed to suit you needs.

Some ideas where our GIFs can add more life to your emails include animated GIFs for the following:

  • Animated Page titles
  • Animated footers or page rules
  • Animated Thank You Notes
  • Employee of the Month animations
  • Customize Party Invitations
  • Special Holiday GIFs

Let's look at examples of each.

Page Titles

Animated gif example of animated text reading Page Title
Page Title Animated GIF Example

This example is actually a "footer" as originally designed to be included on social media posts. It can also be used to great effect as a title for your newsletter. You can change the background image with the image icon on the page, and you can change font values in the "Code" tab.

Here you can find more animated titles that are perfect for headers in your newsletter emails..

Animated gif example of flowers flowing over the Page Title
Page Title Animated GIF Example

This example is made for Twitch but works great in document headers too. Click through to create your own version where you can also customize the colors, and change the images used.

You can find more "Twitch" style gif templates here.

Animated Footers and Page Rules

Page rule gif animated with circles streaking over surface A page rule gif with 5 bouncing squares A page rule gif with 5 spinning stars A page rule gif with appearing and disappearing icons
Animated page rule gifs

A little animation and flare makes a newsletter pop and we have gifs just for that! Our loading gifs also double as page rules making fun and cute section dividers in your newsletter emails. Each one can be customized by colors, and by the icons used in the animations. You can even upload your own shapes.

You can find more animations suitable as page rules amongst our loading gifs here.

Thank You Notes

Thank You gif for newsletters
Thank You Animated GIF with stars

Building a unified team or customer base is always improved by showing gratitude and appreciation to individual members or the group as a whole. We have over 100 "Thank You" GIF templates that you can personalize with text, colors, and images that are ideal to include in your newsletter.

Thank You GIF template library.

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month animated gif for customization including employee picture
Employee of the Month customized GIF template

Share your appreciation for your employees, to your employees, with these 2 gif templates for employee recognition.

Employee of the Month animated gif for customization including employee picture
Employee of the Month customized GIF template

For each one, you can upload an employee photo using the image icon on page. Customize the text as well, then create a gif or video version of the recognition image. Add to your email newsletter to share with everyone else.

Animated Party Invitations

An animated Christmas party invitation gif
A Christmas Invitation GIF that can be customized
An animated Halloween party invitation gif
A Halloween Invitation GIF that can be customized

For the special events, we have animated invitations for Christmas parties and Halloween. But with a few image uploads and text changes you can turn any of them to fit the occasion of your event.

Christmas Invitations.

Halloween Party Invitations.

Holiday GIFs

A cute frog gif for St Patricks Day
St Patricks customizable GIF
Valentine's Day GIF
Valentine's Day Greeting GIF with Name to Customize

Finally we have special occasion gifs by the 100s. Just browse our libraries and find some to your taste, customize, and use in your newsletters. These newsletter template gifs are perfect to share your joy of whichever holiday season.

Christmas Halloween Birthdays New Year's St. Patrick's Valentine's