Happy Birthday Gif for Her

You woke up, and it's her birthday! She wakes up, and checks her phone. Make sure there is something there to greet her with a customized happy birthday gif. We've pick out 10 gifs we think she'll love. You can add her name to all of them, and customize things like fonts, colors, and images. You can even upload your own images to them.

If you're in a hurry, here's a search for the complete list of birthday gifs.

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Click each thumbnail to open the gif in a new edit window where you can personalize it for her. Below are thumbnails - actual gifs will be a bit larger and have smoother animation.

Let's begin...

Candy Birthday Cake GIF on Pink

birthday GIF
Birthday Cake GIF on Pink background

An animated pink birthday card of a white birthday cake and text that you can personalise with colors, fonts, images, and the birthday celebrant's name. The gif shows falling hearts and stars on the background. You can change what falls using the image icon.

Happy Birthday Beer GIF

Happy Birthday beer gif for her
Happy birthday beer gif for her

Animated birthday gif for her, when she enjoys a nice cold beer. Two beer mugs raise a toast on a candy party background with a candy birthday cake in the middle. Multiple coloured square confetti falls in the background.

Customize the name, colors, and fonts. Use the image icon to choose a different cake, a different background or different confetti.

Fireworks flying giftbox GIF

Fireworks flying giftbox GIF
Happy birthday gif for her with fireworks and flying giftbox

The birthday gif has fireworks, colorful animated text and a flying red giftbox. You can personalize the text, including her name, and the font. Adjust the fireworks using the on-screen settings.

You can change the colors if the animated text using an image from the image icon link. Also use the image icon to change the fireworks graphic and the flying giftbox.

A birthday champagne gif for her

birthday champagne gif
Happy birthday gif with toasting champagne glasses

Happy Birthday GIF showing two champagne glasses toasting on a purple background with a cursive font message you can personalize. Heart textured letters and falling stars confetti. Star shoot out and grow - hard to explain, but it's nice.

You can personalize the greeting and customize the fonts, colors, and images by using the image icon.

Happy Birthday Banner GIF

Happy Birthday Banner gif
Happy birthday banner and balloons gif

Animated gif of 4 balloon raising a banner on a ballooned party background. You can customize colors and fonts and personalize the name on the banner. Use the image icon to change the balloons that rise.

Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Cupcakes gif
Animated GIF of Happy Birthday Cupcakes on Pink Hearts

5 tasty cupcakes in a row, what's better than that for a birthday greeting. This animated gif is super simple with just flickering candles and rocking text. You can customize the message, and name, along with the font, color and border color.

Each cupcake can be switched out for others, using the image icon. The background is light pink made of floating hearts, but you can also use the image icon to choose a different background. Also you can upload your own background.

An Elegant Birthday Card

Elegant Birthday Card gif
Elegant Birthday Card GIF

It's the background of this GIF that sells it. A striped background under a circular highlight where a 3 (or 4) line birthday message resides. This gif is animated with gently swaying balloons and spinning flowers.

The image icon allows you to replace the gif boxes with boxes of other colors, or change around the flowers.

Personalize the message just for her, including the greeting, and the text fonts and colors.

Birthday Beer and Birthday Cake

Customize this birthday beer and cake gif
Birthday Beer and Cake GIF

Celebrate her special day by bringing your mugs together to celebrate. And birthday cake. This gif shows two beer mugs toasting as a birthday cake pops up between them and colorful square confetti falls from above. The text reads "Happy Birthday" with Name. The background is a party background of balloons.

You can customize the message just for her, including the greeting, and the text fonts and colors.

The image icon will let you change the birthday cake, change the confetti, and change the background. And like all the other gifs hosted at Editable GIFs, you can upload your own images to use.

Dabbing Birthday Unicorn

Customize this dabbing unicorn birthday gif
Dabbing Unicorn Birthday GIF

Everybody likes unicorns. And everyone loves dabbing. Also Cake. It always comes back to cake. It could a dabbing raccoon, but there'd still be cake. The gif has a strawberry cream cake, a burst of flowers on the the dab, and a cute unicorn. Watch its eyes, that is where the charm of this gif lies.

Like all the gifs, you can customize the text, colors and fonts. Use the image icon to change the cake, flowers, and backgroud. Have Fun!

Chocolate Cake Birthday

Customize this chocolate birthday gif gif
Chocolate Birthday Cake GIF

A very celebratory birthday gif with flares, stars, and chocolate cake. On a pink heart background, flares shoot in from the distance as a chocolate cake with cherrys pops up with the birthday name following it.

Customize the gif with name and colors and fonts. You can use the image icon to change the background, the cake, the flares, and the stars. Make it perfect for her special day.

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