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Are you looking for the perfect good morning greeting? There are lots of ways to do it and gifs are a great way. Even better, are gifs that can easily be customized and shared - as actual gifs, or as videos. Here are a list of our first 10 good morning gifs. Each one you can personalize.

Click each thumbnail to open the gif in a new edit window where you can personalize it. These are thumbnails - actual gifs will be a bit larger and have smoother animation.

Let's begin...

Good Morning Greeting in Spring

Moutain Meadow Good Morning GIF
Mountain Meadow Good Morning

A rainbow appears behind tall trees, as you move through the trees, the good morning message rotates in and a name that you can personalize appears.

You can change the text on the rainbow, and of course the name. You can choose your own fonts and colors. The image icon will let you change the images contained in the gif or you can upload your own.

Good Morning Flowers

Good Morning Flowers on green background gif
Good Morning Flowers on Green Background

An elegant good morning gif with gently swaying flowers. Edit the text, the colors and the font. You can use the image icon to change the flowers and even upload your own background.

Good Morning Boom Box

Good Morning gif with a Boom Box in the window
Good Morning Boom Box in a window gif

This good morning gif is a bit more fun where curtains open and a boom box is raised to wake your recipient. Customize the name, colors and fonts.

Sunburst Gif

Sunburst gif with good morning message
Sunburst gif with sun and greeting

A bright Good Morning to you. This sunburst gif, well, I guess it has two suns. I'm a bit confused - the background is definitely called a sunburst? Yes, I just googled it. And then there is the yellow sun too, turning in the opposite direction. Yeah, that makes sense.

Like all our gifs, you can customize the message, the colors, and the fonts. Use the image icon to change the background or upload your own images.

Good Morning Dabbing Unicorn GIF

Good morning dabbing unicorn gif thumbnail
Dabbing Unicorn says Good Morning

This unicorn, now semi-famous in the free-pic-for-download universe, is now a bit animated like nowhere else. See it prepare, see it peek, see it dab! Hearts! It has two lines of text to personalize. Personalize the colors and fonts. Use the image icon to change the background or upload your own images. One time someone replace the unicorn with a teddy bear. That was pretty cool.

Good Morning Confetti Shoutout

Good Morning Confetti Shoutout gif thumbnail
A horn blows confetti, so wake up!

Animated good morning gif with a horn blowing confetti on a meadow background. This gif has spinning flowers (because real flowers do that!) and a pulsing sun. The confetti is made up of stars, hearts, confetting strips. But maybe your recipient isn't heart-worthy - just a friend maybe? then use the image icon to change the images used in the confetti. What fun!

Don't forget to customize the colors and fonts too!

Sunflowers and Balloons

Good Morning sunflowers and balloons gif thumbnail
Good Morning Sunflowers and Balloons

Use this image icon to change balloons or upload your own replacement images. Personalize the 3 lines of text, plus one more. So in conclusion, you can customize 4 lines of text. And set their colors and fonts too.

Morning Flowers on Blue

Flowers swaying good morning on blue background gif thumbnail
Flowers on a blue background

This variation of a previous morning gif is on a blue background with different flowers selected. Use the image icon to change the flowers or upload your own background. Customize the message, colors, and fonts.

Morning Coffee in a Meadow

Morning coffee in a meadow gif thumbnail
Steaming coffee under a rainbow

Customize three lines of text in this animated good morning gif. It shows a steaming hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate, I suppose), under a rainbow. Being that there is a rainbow, it must have just rained, so it's probably a bit cool outside, thus the abundant steam. I'm a bit confused because you can see the steam through the sprinkles. Is it magic? Nobody knooowwws.....

You can use the image icon to change the cup or upload your own images. Don't forget to choose your colors and fonts too.

Good Morning Wake Up Puppy Gif

Good Morning Wake Up Puppy gif thumbnail
Puppy's tired eyes open in the morning

Night turns to day and with a little music, a little puppy wakes up to the sun. Personalize the good morning greeting, fonts and colors.


Those are our first 10 animated good morning gifs. Each can be customized in their own way. If you're an image expert, don't forget to try uploading your own images to make them more personal. More gifs are added to our site regularly so be sure to check it whenever you want to say thank you, celebrate a birthday, or any other holiday or special occasion.

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