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There a lot of things you can say with fireworks! Happy birthday, Thank You, Happy Anniversay, Hooray it's Friday ... the list goes on. You can make fireworks gifs for all of them and most of ours you can personalize. And you can customize more than just the message. Perhaps instead of flares, you want hearts or you prefer stars - use the image icon on each to see what's possible.

Here is a list of our favorite fireworks gifs that you can personalize.

Fireworks GIF

Fireworks GIF
Fireworks GIF

This is our most basic fireworks gif. You can use the image icon to change the types of flares. For example, you can use hearts or stars. There are also many customization settings like the thickness and length of the fireworks. You can mix and match the rings using the "Flare" settings. Experiment to see all the cool things you can make.

Download as a video or create a fireworks gif. It's always best to download to your device, then sending it as a SMS from your device media folder.

Have you wondered how real fireworks are made? Check out this page on Wonderopolis to find out.

Happy Birthday Fireworks

Happy Birthday Fireworks gif
Happy birthday with name fireworks gif

A basic fireworks sticker with a transparent background. You can customize the name before you send it. It is just 300x300 pixels up and down, making it ideal for sending in a text message. The text is on top of a swirling rainbow for an extra animated effect.

Maybe you want to send it to someone you love? Use the image icon to change the fireworks flares to be hearts. Or maybe someone is the star of you life, you can change the fireworks to stars instead.

Thank You Fireworks and Shooting Star

Fireworks gif with a shooting star to say thank you
Thank fireworks with shooting star

This is a popular gif to say thank you with. On a nighttime background, fireworks fly and a shooting star streaks across the sky with animated text. Customize the text, including the "thank you" itself and add a personalized name. The text has an animated swirling rainbow background.

Set the name and font in the settings. Use the image icon to change the images used in the gif. You can change the background from stars, to an image you upload. Choose hearts, or stars instead of flares for the fireworks. You can even change the meteor used for the shooting star.

A Champagne Birthday Toast Over Fireworks

make a champagne and fireworks gif
Birthday gif with fireworks and champagne

Two champagne glasses offer a birthday toast over fireworks. This is a transparent gif, also called a sticker. Stickers are often used in messaging applications so the background shows through. Have you ever wondered about the types of champagne glasses? There are 3 types.

This sticker is 300x300 and makes a great text message. You can customize the message, name and font. The fireworks can be customized using the settings. Change the fireworks to hearts or stars using the image icon. You can upload your own images to use as well.

Cheers with a beer gif

make a beer and fireworks gif
Thank You gif fireworks and beer

A beer cheers over fireworks on a black ground. But you can customize the background color, the color of the text, and even choose the fonts. Don't like beer? Prefer champagne? You can change to champagne using the image icon.

This thank you gif is 300x400 and makes a great text message to say thanks to your favorite beer lover. Change the fireworks to hearts or stars using the image icon. You can upload your own images to use as well.

Newpaper Headline with Fireworks GIF

make a newpaper headline gif with fireworks
Birthday GIF Newspaper headline

Most importantly with this one, you can change the age - because not everyone is turning 14.

"Extra Extra Extra, World Celebrates" Newspaper headline gif to celebrate a birthday. Customize the headlines, the name, and the age. Use the image icon to choose a different cake.

The picture under the headline are animated fireworks. You can change the fireworks style to hearts or stars using the image icon.

Beer and Fireworks GIF

beer mug over a city with fireworks
Beer mug over a city with fireworks GIF

This gif was made for National Beer Day, but you can customize it to be anything else. A frothy beer mug over a city skyline with fireworks and a greeting you can personalize. Change the text, colors, and fonts too. Use the image icon to change the fireworks from flares to hearts, or stars, or other options. You can even upload your own image to use.

Love GIF with Fireworks

gif of love heart fireworks
Fireworks GIF with hearts and a message

Fireworks love gif. Instead of flares and fire, the fireworks are hearts and the message simply says "I love you", but you can customize it all. Change the message, the font and the colors. Use the image icon to change the fireworks. There is so much that can be changed, you can almost make it completely different gif.

Pssst... if I'm being honest, I think it is much better with a different font. The block font works well with, go ahead and try it out.

Antarctic Penguin Birthday Fireworks

penguin and fireworks birthday gif
Penguin gif with a birthday cake and fireworks

Happy birthday from the Antarctic with a waving penguin. Fireworks fly in behind and birthday cake sits to the side. This is kind of a crazy one. How did the penguin get fireworks? Or are Antarctic researchers firing them off? Is that environmentally responsible? Who knows, it's just a gif afterall.

You can use the image icon to change the cake, and the fireworks. Customize the text messages, the colors, and the fonts.

Birthday Fireworks Stars

fireworks of stars birthday gif
Fireworks of stars for birthday gif

3 Lines of greeting make this birthday gif pop. The text is over an animated background, and fireworks of colourful stars erupt behind. As usual, customize the text, fonts, and colors, and use the image icon to change the fireworks, and the animated background of the text.

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