Discord Emoji GIFs

Customize GIFs for Discord

Not just Emojis, here are two super cool ways to add custom animations to your Discord posts.

Don't want to waste time? Here are the 2 links you want:

Emojis Footers for posts

Maybe you run a Discord server, maybe just a member, but either way, bring flare to your posts by uploading customized gifs with your messages. We have a myriad of customized gif options that you can use for your channel and posts. In fact, Discord allows you to upload images with your posts, so they can also be GIFs. Combine that with Editable GIFs templates, and you have a great chance for creativity and fun.

Emojis for Discord

Emojis on Discord might look like this and can be uploaded as part of server function or just uploaded as part of a post. View some examples here.

Our own emoji library allows for customizations as well as sizing. You can size for Discord, Slack, Zoom, or keep their default sizes. If you keep their default size (usually 300x300), they may be automatically sized by the service you upload them too. However, uploading the default size may be too large in terms of bytes, therefore we recommend using the default sizing options on each gif page.

raising hands emoji gif clinking glasses emoji gif with flowers heart eyes emoji gif sunglasses emoji gif
Custom Emoji examples from Editable GIFs

You can learn more about Discord and how they handle their emoji and reaction uploads. Here is a snippet:

For optimal emoji resolution, you can upload them in sizes up to 128x128 pixels, but they will be resized to 32x32 pixels. Additionally, the emoji file size must be smaller than 256KB.

Social Media Footers

We've created social media post footers. These are horizontally long, but vertical short gifs that you can customize with your own text, color, and images. Here is a favorite:

social media footer for discord posts

Social Media footers can be used in Discord or other services like Twitter. Just add them to the bottom of your posts to add some flare and personalization.

Customizing GIFs for Discord

Each gif that you can customize can come with some options. Here is an example of what that may look like:

screen capture of an emoji edit panel

You can use the given controls to change the emoji features. Use the image icon to change the images. For example you can use your logo as a thing that falls.

When customizing footers to upload you with your Discord post, you may want to color match. Discord has a color scheme. It looks like this:

background colors used by Discord Discord background colors for animated footer gif

Use the background color option on footers to enter the Discord color that you prefer.

Editable GIFs provides emoji gifs ready for you to customize with simple form entries, save time and effort of creating the custom emojis and reactions for Discord. You can create and send one out in under a minute, just search the library for something you like.

More websites that use SCL for animations and game development: