Custom GIFs

What is a custom GIF? The answer is self-evident, but how a GIF is customized is where it gets interesting.

custom gif

Of course there are many sites offering custom GIFs, usually through GIF builders, like at Giphy where you create a gif from scratch.

Unfortunately, many times when you search for custom gifs you simply get a list of gifs that contain the word "custom" in them. These ones cannot actually be customized so you are left disappointed.

Larger services like Canva offer a full animation toolset for creating animated gifs. This is great when you have the time and talent.

fireworks birthday gif good morning gif with flowers custom thank you gif custom thank you gif
Custom GIF examples from Editable GIFs

Finally, there is Editable GIFs. Editable GIFs provides a happy inbetween, when you don't need to be a designer, artist or animator to quickly create and send out an animated gif to someone.

screen capture of customization settings for a gif
Customization settings for gifs

Editable GIFs provides completed gifs ready for you to customize with simple form entries, saving you the time and effort of creating the animation or artwork. You can create and send one out in under a minute, just search the library for something you like.

More websites that use SCL for animations and game development: