What is 7-Zip?

7-Zip is a file compression utility similar to the Zip that you are probably familiar with. Using 7-Zip is often preferred to Zip because it is quicker and generally provides greater compression. There are times when 7-Zip is required in order to install some downloaded programs and files.

Download 7-Zip

You can download a version of 7-Zip from the official 7-Zip website.

downloading 7-Zip

If you're not sure which file to download, if you're using Windows, then select the top one from the list. Most likely that will work, but if not, try the others.

Installing 7-Zip

Installing 7-Zip after downloading is as simple as double clicking on the file you downloaded. That will open up one or more boxes to complete the installation.

installing 7-Zip

Using 7-Zip

Using 7-Zip is simple. Find the file that you want to unzip in your file explorer. These files will have either a .zip extension or a .7z extension. Right-Click on the file name, and a menu will appear (see the image below). From there, look for the 7-Zip menu item and choose "Extract to..." or some option similar. This is convenient since it will put your files into a new directory.

menu for 7zip


I hope this was brief, yet detailed enough that you could download and install 7-Zip with little effort, after a quick reading. Have a nice day.

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